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Everest & Hastings LLP (EH) is a leading solution provider and a corporate and commercial law firm of barristers, solicitors, consultants and advisors. Our mission is to ensure that our clients have access to peace of mind, increase their profitability, avoid losses, grow their revenue, increase their efficiency, cut their cost, and generally enhance their bottom-line.





Our expertise services cover the following areas:


  • Debt Recovery and Insolvency Consulting

  • Building, Real Estate and Property Advisories

  • Dispute Resolution and Relationship Management

  • Personal Legal Consulting

  • Deals and Transaction Advisories

  • Intellectual Asset Protection

  • Restructuring and Business Reorganization Consulting

  • Business and Investment Management Consulting

  • Maritime and Shipping Consulting

  • Energy and Resources Advisories

    We aim at and repeatedly deliver quintessential services that gratify clients’ needs and far exceed clients’ expectations. Our unrivaled perspective and deep knowledge and insights and our distinctive way of innovative thinking, working and well woven local adeptness, contribute to our solid foundation and renowned excellence. We have excellent knowledge of the language and culture of business required to address the nuances of local and international markets.


    We are passionate about the delivery of quintessential services to a highly diversified clientele including high net worth individuals, corporations, top-tier multinationals, and other clients.


    CSR/Pro Bono


    At Everest & Hastings we believe that success is a two-way street. Our success depends in large part on our doing quality work for our clients, so they come back to us and recommend us to others. But our success also depends on the support of the local communities where we live and work.


    The people at Everest & Hastings make contributions to their communities in their own ways. As a firm, we show our commitment in a number of different ways:

    Pro bono legal work >
    One way is by providing legal advice on a pro bono basis to clients who need legal help but are unable to pay for our services. Our pro bono work is directed at clients whom we consider to be very deserving or who face legal issues that we believe are especially important to our communities or to society as a whole.

    Charity sponsorships >
    In addition to donating our services, we sometimes make cash donations to help local charities or foundations. We try to pick charities where the need is great and the resources are stretched.



    Our Mission

    To meet, gratify and exceed clients' needs and expectations


    Our Vision

    Quintessential client satisfaction through the provision of creative and pragmatic solutions.


    Our Culture

    Everest &Hastings is a partnership: We achieve excellence through collective effort and a willingness to share expertise.


    The scope and variety of our work is such that it suits many different personalities, unified by a shared commitment to quality of service and outcome. Throughout the firm there is an underlying sense of pride in who we are and what we do.


    The atmosphere here is friendly and supportive - everyone's contribution is valued and we believe strongly in the importance of personal respect. We also believe that people should enjoy their work.


    This culture underpins our approach and is integral to our success.