Deals and Transaction Advisories


In a fast paced business environment where businesses happen at the speed of thoughts, putting perceptions, tacit understanding and thoughts in writing may sometimes not be practical.


However as things get real and the prospect of a great business increases, it becomes essential to firm up certain aspects of our understanding with friends, associates and potential business partners to avoid loss, potential misunderstanding and avoidable conflict.


EH helps to create a smooth flow from thoughts and concepts to solid business understanding and agreements. Friends and business partner need not worry about loss, misunderstanding or disagreements which may get in the way of the growth of a great business idea. With exquisite professionalism and confidentiality, we provide the necessary seamless clarity and advisories which help your business idea to grow from conception to a profitable thriving business.


Sometimes, a deal or transaction may have been put together but business partners or a party to the business may just have doubts that all the ‘i’s’ have been dotted or‘t’s’ crossed or even that all vital interests have been profitably protected. EH provides that often essential second and fresh look at the entire transaction documents, suggests strategies and proffers solutions which ensures that nothing is left out and that vital concerns are well addressed.





Our Firm Approach

Everest & Hastings is a firm which takes a win-win approach to dealings with clients. We want you to consider us to be Your Law Partner® when you need help. We give you our undivided loyalty and look out for your best interests. We listen to you and think outside the box. We have the right tools to meet your needs and goals. We share with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We explain the risks and opportunities. We seek the best and most cost effective solutions for our clients, even though many times the problems our clients bring to us are difficult and complex. We bring to bear our ingenuity and cummulative experience in repeatedly providing suitable solutions to the problems of our clients.