Personal Legal Consulting

Every smart entrepreneur and busy company executive has private and personal crucial matters or affairs which are highly confidential but are nevertheless extremely important and deserving of careful, confidential and skilful legal management which if not attended to in a timely, efficient and effective manner could suddenly take centre stage and thus put us or the people we love and care about in a loss or a very messy legal situation.


At EH, we are professionals and treat every detail of our clients with high confidentiality. We advise in strict confidence on life and assets management issues, wills, trust, and any other area of concern which our discerning clients may have.



Our Firm Approach

Everest & Hastings is a firm which takes a win-win approach to dealings with clients. We want you to consider us to be Your Law PartnerĀ® when you need help. We give you our undivided loyalty and look out for your best interests. We listen to you and think outside the box. We have the right tools to meet your needs and goals. We share with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We explain the risks and opportunities. We seek the best and most cost effective solutions for our clients, even though many times the problems our clients bring to us are difficult and complex. We apply up-to-date tools for handling documents electronically and conducting research.